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This is a personal website, and while I do love Shelby Mustangs (especially the GT500KR), and I have used "GT500" as a screen name on many online services, this is not a Mustang fan site. This site was intended as a playground for me to test Java based web applications that I have designed, and was also a place for potential employers to view my resume. Since I never made anything worth using, and I never received a job offer through this site, I maintain it and the server that it is on because I do use that server to host other things over the Internet (game servers/TeamSpeak 3/e-mail/etc).

For those who have not already been frightened away, I encourage you to take a look around. My blog has been relocated to the My Opera Community (yes, that's right, I'm blogging again), and my forums are in working order (I switched from Caucho's Resin HTTP server to NGINX + FastCGI so the forums are 100% functional now). I do ask that you try to maintain a level of decency when posting comments, and follow any rules on the forums. For those interested in the Opera Web Browser, I have a section with some customizations, including Operapedia (no longer working) and the very popular OSpell spell checker (although Opera 10 now includes it's own spell check, so this is obsolete).

A little bit more about me: I am an A+ Certified and Dell DCSE Certified Computer Technician, and I have studied to be a Java Programmer (both application and server). I have worked freelance and for other companies for a few years, fixing computers for various people and organizations, and for two years I worked for Malwarebytes. Currently I work for Emsisoft which provides anti-virus and firewall software. I have experience assisting people with cleaning up infected computers, and can assist with various security related issues on my forums. I also have a Security Wiki, although it is still lacking content and some of what it has is not complete.

So, why .org and not .com or .net? Well, mostly because they were already taken. At the time I didn't have the money to make an offer, even though GT500 Art Studios wasn't using So .org it is. It's still better than .info, and I get a fairly high listing on Google and Yahoo (although I can't really understand why I would need to be listed on the front page of a search engine).

I used to manage the JavaMediaPlayer project, but I have since closed it down. No source code was ever written, despite the number of developers who signed up for the project. If you want to start it back up, please feel free to leave a post on the forums about it.