I have added two new anti-spam measures to my forums, which will hopefully catch spam bots and prevent them from registering on my forums.

The new measures include PlayThu from Are You Human, which is a minigame that acts as a human verification system. This game is far superior to the standard CAPTCHA where you try to figure out what some blurry and contorted words say in order to type them into a field, as it is just a simple game where you drag some items onto another item to pass the verification. Hopefully this system will prevent the vast majority of spam registrations.

The second new measure is much simpler, however it is also quite effective. Bots normally go through the forum registration process in about 1 second, whereas a human has to spend time typing out the information in the registration fields. The second new anti-spam measure will cause any registration to fail if it goes through too quickly, and I have it set up to automatically redirect to a page that briefly explains that the forum registration form was filled out too quickly and asks you to try again (just in case a real human actually managed to fill it out that fast).