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    Forum Rules

    Right now this is just a preliminary set of rules. I will be expanding on them as needed. Note that the moderators are free to interpret/enforce these rules as they feel is best, however if there is any doubt about how a rule should be interpreted/enforced then it can be brought to me for a final decision.

    1. No advertising for software or services, or other spam. New accounts that post an ad when they have no other posts will be banned. If you're already a user here, and post something that could be deemed as an ad, then the post may be censored/deleted by the moderation team. If you frequently post ads or spam, then your account may be banned.

    2. Normally I don't care about profanity, but this is a public forum, so I ask that you try to limit obscene language here. Our moderators reserve the right to edit posts when deemed necessary.

    3. Absolutely no pornography/nudity/etc. It will get deleted, and if you make a habit of it (or sign up just to do it) then your account will be banned. Please keep in mind that this is not a porn website.

    4. Please don't argue with moderators/admins. Any problems with the moderation team should be taken up with me personally.

    5. Don't be abusive, offensive, or harass/intimidate other people. Our moderators reserve the right to censor or delete any posts that violate this rule. Users who are extremely abusive/offensive or who make a habit of it will be banned.

    6. Avoid typing in ALL CAPS. Not only is it considered shouting (and thus rather rude), but it also tends to be harder to read than a sentence consisting of normal uppercase and lowercase letters.
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