Illinois Republicans Harass Libertarians With Guns

August 29, 2014

As someone who is pro-gun, and who had (until the 2012 elections) voted Republican all their life believing that Republicans supported freedom, the Constitution, and the right to be secure in your own home, I have found myself going through a strange period of change in the past few years. Slowly, I have been coming to the realization that the Republican party as a whole not only does not represent those of us who believe in freedom and adherence to our nation's Constitution, but that it is as guilty as the Democratic party for our declining freedom and our government's abuse of power and refusal to obey its own laws.

Of course, as many of you know, the Republican party has been suffering from a lack of new voters who are willing to support them, and their former support base has been abandoning them. The Republican party, not understanding that it is their refusal to support the pro-Liberty agenda that so many of us are demanding these days that has caused them to lose so much support, has sadly resorted to harassment and intimidation at gunpoint in an attempt to stop people from support third parties, such as the Libertarian party.

With that revelation, why is it not a surprise that it is happening in a state like Illinois?

As reported by the Illinois Herald:

August 22, 2014. Oak Park, IL. (ONN) Illinois Republicans went way too far in their desperate attempt to keep the Illinois Libertarian Party off the November ballot. Imagine your doorbell rings and two giant, threatening thugs with guns tell you you’ve committed a crime by signing the Libertarian Party’s ballot access petition. They then force you against your will to sign a document recanting your original petition signature. It happened across Illinois and it’s a Class 4 felony. Illinois Republicans may go to prison. And they may just lose what was going to be a landslide General Election over it.


As reported by Chicago's Sun-Times (link updated to point to cached version, since original article was taken down):

A couple of months after Julieus Hooks signed a political party’s nominating petitions, a man with a gun walked up to Hooks as he left his home in Oak Park.

The man said he was a private investigator. He told Hooks the petition that he had signed was fraudulent and asked him to sign something. Hooks hastily agreed to sign the paper.

“I did not have time to fully review this document because the man with the gun instructed me to sign it, and I was afraid of him and what he may do to me if I refused,” Hooks says.


The article from the Sun-Times is interesting to me. Had something like that happened to me, I would have had a .45 caliber handgun to defend myself with, however for so many people even in the United States they would have no way to ensure their own safety. To me this story is more evidence that all of us should learn more about firearms, and begin carrying them (openly or concealed) for personal defense. In this particular case, had the man being intimidated been armed, he would have at the very least been on equal footing with the man demanding he sign the affidavit, meaning the man could not have forced him to do anything.

Anyway, the Libertarians did win their fight to have their candidates on the ballot in Illinois, and it seems that all the Republican party ended up doing was get themselves some bad press and perhaps even some jail time for some of their people. Hopefully this translates into a major victory for the Libertarian party in Illinois in November, as the Republicans clearly don't deserve to be in charge of cleaning the latrine, let alone any aspect of governing a state.