What is Driving the Confederate Flag Controversy?

July 17, 2015

Once upon a time, the Confederate flag was tolerated, even by those who didn't like it or understand it. Today, however, the flag is under attack from almost all sides. State, county, and city governments are being forced to remove the flag from their buildings, cars, uniforms, etc. by activist groups who are suddenly gaining national spotlight. We're told that it's because these are symbols of hate, but even blacks are standing up and saying that's not true. We're told that it's good for people to remove the so-called symbols of hate, but since when did anything that was actually good for people become a matter of national controversy?

Eric, from Eric Peters Autos, has a different explanation:

There is a very good reason why the Confederate flag is under attack. It is because it is the rebel flag. The flag of resistance, of (as columnist Fred Reed so neatly – so accurately – put it)… leave me the hell alone. This is why it’s favored by rural whites whose great-great-great grandparents never owned slaves nor wanted to – but who can’t stand annoying busybodies (they call ’em Yankees down South but the principle applies generally) who seem to think they are god’s anointed, sent hither to instruct and enlighten.

Who cannot stand the idea that others (anywhere) might hold differing opinions, do things differently – and so must be compelled to hold the right opinions, do the right things.

As the Yankees define these things.

Think Hillary Clinton.

But Bill will do, too.

For that matter, so will George Bush. And Chris Christie.

Obama, too.

They’re all the same, notwithstanding the color of their skin. Or of their party. The federal party. The party of government. Of control.

Of… everything.

Absolutely every last little thing. Down to the size of the cola you’ll be allowed to buy. And very soon, the opinions you’ll be allowed to hold.

Or at least, to express.