Police Intercepting Cellular Phone Calls?

March 26, 2015

The accusation has been levied by some that the police (almost all city, county, state, and federal police/enforcement agencies) have a device called "Stingray" that is capable of pretending to be a cellular tower, so that cell phones will connect to it, and thus listening in to phone calls or even recording them. The idea is that they can keep tabs on criminals using this technology, but the technology is not accurate enough to target specific individuals and so all cell phones or random cell phones would be picked up and conversations inspected to determine if the person the law enforcement agency was trying to monitor was the one placing the call. As an example of some of the reporting on this topic, here's a video of an interview with John McAfee about the device, its capabilities, its uses, and software capable of notifying you when your phone has connected to a "Stingray" device rather than a real cellular tower from your cellular service provider:

For those who are skeptical that such a device may exist, then I feel it important to point out that at a popular security conference called DEFCON (specifically DEFCON 18, which took place between July 30th and August 1st, 2010) a live demonstration was made by Chris Paget where he was able to set up a fake cellular tower and force cell phones on the AT&T network to switch over to using it, and even record data going from the phones to the service provider over the Internet connection. Here's the video of that presentation (including technical explanations):

You can also download the full video from the DEFCON website at this link.

Adam Kokesh Interviews Former New Orleans Police Officer on Police Corruption

December 12, 2014

This isn't a new video, but it's probably one of the best videos that establishes the reasons behind Adam Kokesh's distrust of police, and mine as well. A former NOPD (New Orleans Police Department) officer explains to Adam Kokesh why he not only quit the force, but also why he has been working to expose corruption in the NOPD and testifying in court and to the FBI regarding those issues.

A Cool Cop in the State of New York?

October 30, 2014

In this day when a good cop is a rare thing, and cops who have an understanding of the Bill of Rights and what it guarantees us the rights to do are even rarer, it is both refreshing and surprising to see the following video where a police officer flat out tells someone who an airport is trying to eject from their premises that they are completely within their rights to do what they are doing:

At the end of the video, the guy behind the camera mentions that everything he makes is free to view online. If you would like to see more of his stuff, then you can find his YouTube channel here.

According to the information in the video description, the officer in the video is Sheriff Stan Lenic (although from the Albany County, NY website I am assuming he is a Sheriff's Deputy).

InfoWars.com has more information about the video above and the campaign that the two people making this video were a part of at this link, including videos from other activists who were handing out similar information (such as Adam Kokesh).