What Is #PizzaGate?

November 24, 2016

I've recently been hearing about something called "PizzaGate", represented as #PizzaGate on social media websites. Obviously I was a bit curious, as I'm sure many others were as well, as to what Pizza could have to do with a major political scandal. As I started reading about it, and saw that it had to do with accusations of pedophilia, I wasn't really sure what to think. Obviously everyday words can be used as codewords, as anyone familiar with the Navajo code talkers of WWII is already aware, so the only real question here is whether or not there is reasonable supportive evidence linking these pizza-related things with pedophilia as some are apparently claiming.

The first video I watched gave a rather quick rundown of a few things in leaked e-mails from John Podesta that could be linked to pedophilia, child abuse, and satanic worship. The video didn't go into detail, or provide enough information for someone to verify their claims. So, I moved on hoping to find a more detailed video that covered more evidence and gave the information needed to verify the claims. This is the video I found which seemed to explain things reasonably well, and cite at least most sources in a way that they could be verified (warning - some things in this video are disturbing, especially around 9 minutes and 38 seconds into the video):

Obviously that video is a bit lengthy, so if you'd prefer the shorter video that I mentioned earlier just to get an idea of what some of the claims are regarding #PizzaGate, then here is that video as well:

So, is any of this true? There certainly is evidence that suggests that it could be. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be definitive proof one way or the other. There does seem to be enough information to warrant an investigation by law enforcement, and since it seems doubtful that the current government in the United States would be willing to investigate this to determine its validity, we can only hope that our next administration will do so in order to establish the truth so that we know for certain what is going on.