New Patreon Page

Aug 11 2018

Due to limited funds in 2018, I have decided to create a Patreon page in case anyone wants to contribute to help make sure that the server bill gets paid without burning up the rest of my monthly paycheck. The server costs a little under $200 (USD) per month, so if anyone does actually donate money to help with the bill and we somehow end up with a surplus then I will use it to help pay for upgrades to bandwidth and hardware to make sure the server can provide reasonable service and remain as secure as possible.

Currently only a $1 tier is available on Patreon. I wouldn't expect anyone to give more than that (although I'm not foolish enough to tell people "no" if they want to give more), and even just $1 per month can add up pretty fast with enough people giving, so if you have an extra dollar and don't mind sharing then feel free to click the little Patreon button below or in the sidebar. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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