Server Downtime - June 7th

June 4, 2014

I have come to the realization that I need to upgrade my CentOS 5.x server to CentOS 6.x in order to continue using it for some of the things that I had purchased it for to begin with. This process requires that I reimage my server (which will wipe out everything on the server and replace it with the newer CentOS installation automatically). I will be setting aside some time on Saturday, June 7th in order to get this done.

Expect downtime to start some time in the afternoon (Eastern Time), and potentially last into the evening. Some services will come back up faster than others, as they require data to be copied from backups in order to actually function. This means that HTTP, FTP, mail, TeamSpeak, game servers, etc. will all be down for a while on Saturday.

Of course, I do not expect to have issues with the upgrade, however I should point out that the last time I did something of this magnitude it took me more than 1 day (possibly 2 or 3) to get the server fully back online. Sometimes configurations from older software versions do not work on newer versions, and I may encounter numerous configuration issues as I attempt to bring the upgraded server online.

Edit: Fixed incorrect date for scheduled maintenance (it is supposed to be on Saturday, June 7th).