After realizing that the blog I was using was no longer being updated, I decided to upgrade to a new blogging system that was designed by the same guy. While it isn't perfect, and it took a lot of modifications to the themes to get them close to the way I wanted them, I have to admit that I do like at least certain aspects of it better than my previous blog. For instance, tag handling is better, and tags are easier for me to add. It's also easier to embed HTML in blog posts. It even has an RSS feed.

The only real drawback for me is that the blog only supports comments if I want to use Disqus, which I don't. Not that I consider that a major issue though, as the comment system on the old blog wasn't even working.

I'd say "if you notice any issues, then let me know", but that would be silly since you can't let me know! Well, I guess I do have forums... assuming they still work. Granted I'm only assuming that anybody reads this nonsense. I don't bother checking, so I wouldn't know.

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