What Happened in Sweden?

March 1, 2017

Everyone is making a big deal about something Donald Trump said about Sweden. So, rather than rehash a bunch of political bullshit, lets take a look at what a refugee who imigrated to Sweden when he was a child has to say about what is happening in Sweden ("last night in Sweden", and in general).

Note: There is at least some bad language in the video.

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What Is Life Really Like In North Korea?

December 14, 2016

Every now and then we hear some ridiculous story on the news about life in North Korea, or about something that the North Korean government says. Most of the time, we just assume it's true, however in the past year it has become more and more obvious that news agencies aren't telling us the truth on a regular basis. This begs the question, what is life really like in North Korea?

Apparently, over the years, a number of people have managed to escape from North Korea bringing stories about mass starvation, public executions, soldiers shooting anyone who tries to leave the country, execution of familiy members of defectors, etc. Recently a YouTube channel known as Asian Boss interviewed some North Koreans who had managed to escape the country, and asked them various questions about what things were like there, what it was like to leave the country, and why they decided to leave. The video is supposed to be in two parts, however only one part is currently avaialble.

Note: The video is in Korean, with English subtitles. Some disturbing things are mentioned in this video, so keep that in mind before watching.

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Blog Upgrade

December 4, 2016

After realizing that the blog I was using was no longer being updated, I decided to upgrade to a new blogging system that was designed by the same guy. While it isn't perfect, and it took a lot of modifications to the themes to get them close to the way I wanted them, I have to admit that I do like at least certain aspects of it better than my previous blog. For instance, tag handling is better, and tags are easier for me to add. It's also easier to embed HTML in blog posts. It even has an RSS feed.

The only real drawback for me is that the blog only supports comments if I want to use Disqus, which I don't. Not that I consider that a major issue though, as the comment system on the old blog wasn't even working.

I'd say "if you notice any issues, then let me know", but that would be silly since you can't let me know! Well, I guess I do have forums... assuming they still work. Granted I'm only assuming that anybody reads this nonsense. I don't bother checking, so I wouldn't know.

What Is #PizzaGate?

November 24, 2016

I've recently been hearing about something called "PizzaGate", represented as #PizzaGate on social media websites. Obviously I was a bit curious, as I'm sure many others were as well, as to what Pizza could have to do with a major political scandal. As I started reading about it, and saw that it had to do with accusations of pedophilia, I wasn't really sure what to think. Obviously everyday words can be used as codewords, as anyone familiar with the Navajo code talkers of WWII is already aware, so the only real question here is whether or not there is reasonable supportive evidence linking these pizza-related things with pedophilia as some are apparently claiming.

The first video I watched gave a rather quick rundown of a few things in leaked e-mails from John Podesta that could be linked to pedophilia, child abuse, and satanic worship. The video didn't go into detail, or provide enough information for someone to verify their claims. So, I moved on hoping to find a more detailed video that covered more evidence and gave the information needed to verify the claims. This is the video I found which seemed to explain things reasonably well, and cite at least most sources in a way that they could be verified (warning - some things in this video are disturbing, especially around 9 minutes and 38 seconds into the video):

Obviously that video is a bit lengthy, so if you'd prefer the shorter video that I mentioned earlier just to get an idea of what some of the claims are regarding #PizzaGate, then here is that video as well:

So, is any of this true? There certainly is evidence that suggests that it could be. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be definitive proof one way or the other. There does seem to be enough information to warrant an investigation by law enforcement, and since it seems doubtful that the current government in the United States would be willing to investigate this to determine its validity, we can only hope that our next administration will do so in order to establish the truth so that we know for certain what is going on.

The Death of Campaign for Liberty?

August 21, 2016

Earlier today I received an e-mail supposedly from Ron Paul about financial problems at Campaign for Liberty. Here's a few quotes from the e-mail for context:

"Some essential programs have been put on hold. Senior staff have volunteered to cut their own salaries. Others have left, with their positions unfilled."

"I have invested tens of thousands of my own personal money to try and keep Campaign for Liberty afloat."

"... without an immediate influx of funds from my loyal supporters, we may have to turn out the lights and lock the door at Campaign for Liberty forever."

It's sort of typical of the "give us money immediately or everything you care about will be gone" scare tactics that every political organization uses, and it's one of the main reasons why I stopped giving them money a long time ago. As a fan of Ron Paul, and a fan of the Liberty movement, I feel it's important for the Liberty movement in general to understand that these sort of tactics to raise money simply make an organization look bad, make them look like everyone else who's begging for money, and destroy their credibility.

When every e-mail you get from a supposedly good organization is nothing more than an attempt to scare and manipulate you into sending them money, then eventually there comes a time when you feel like you can no longer trust them. Or, at least, where you feel that you can no longer trust the people editing and sending the e-mails begging for your hard earned money, even if the people at the core of the organization are doing good. It's even worse that the people sending the e-mails will send you one claiming to be from Ron Paul, his wife, or other high ranking members of Campaign for Liberty, and then forward the same e-mail to you from several other addresses all demanding your immediate attention, and your money. Sometimes you get numerous e-mails from them each day, all about the same thing, all demanding your money with some sort of frightening story about what will happen if you don't donate, or some cute little story intended to appeal to your emotions and get you to click on that donate link.

After being flooded with e-mails like this for a while, you eventually get sick and tired of all of the ridiculous tactics they use to wring every cent they can out of you, and you just stop reading the e-mails and stop donating money. After a while I even stopped entering their contests to win the AR-15s that they occasionally give away. These days the only participation they get out of me is the occasional "write to your Congressmen" things they send out.

I want to emphasis the simple fact that if it were not for the over-the-top e-mails they send to try to get money from people, I would more than likely still support Campaign for Liberty. If they had sent out a once-a-week e-mail with an occasional emergency e-mail about last minute donation drives, then that would have been fine.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Don't flog a dead horse"? Well Campaign for Liberty, if you really are experiencing financial trouble, then you only have to look at your dead-horse to figure out why all of your supporters have stopped giving. And if you aren't actually having financial trouble, then shame on you for allowing your PR department to send out e-mails claiming you are. Either way, I think what you should be restructuring is the department in charge of contacting donors. All they're doing is driving away people who believed in your cause.

For those who are curious, the full content of the e-mail (censored to remove any personal information) can be found at this link.